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Every effort is made to have results posted by Wednesday after the weekend.

If you have questions regarding the current standings, please e-mail  with the coaches name and division and we will have it investigated.

FALL 2020 - click here


1. A team’s standings in its division will be determined by the number of points it receives based on its win/loss record during the season. Points will be awarded as follows:
a. Three (3) points for a Win 
b. One (1) point for a Tie
c. Zero (0) points for a Loss
2. In the case of a tie at the end of the regularly scheduled season, final standings will be determined on the basis of the following tie-breaker sequence: 
a. Head to Head
b. Most Wins 
c. Fewest goals allowed
d. Most goals scored
e. Coin toss
3. Each member Club will be responsible for awards for their teams. Contact your HOME Club for more information.