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League Rules

Playing Rules for KC Metro League
revised: August 2016

1. FIFA Laws of the Game shall apply except as amended herein. See age specific rules for details.
2. Lack of knowledge of these Rules will not relieve any Coach, Team Official, Parent or Player of a team from the responsibilities and possible penalties herein. ALL CLUBS, TEAM OFFICIALS, PARENTS AND PLAYERS, BY PARTICIPATING IN KCML PLAY, AGREE THAT THEY ARE BOUND BY THESE RULES.

There are separate playing rules sheets available for U7/8, U9/10, U11/12 and U13 and Above.


Prior to a team's first scheduled game, a copy of the team's OFFICIAL ROSTER must be submitted to their HOME LEAGUE.

Each time a change is made to their roster, a team MUST supply a copy of their new roster to their home league.

Every team should have a copy of their current roster at every game.

This roster is frozen for the current season (Fall or Spring) with the following adjustment limits -

     For U7 thru U10 teams - may have up to 3 changes for the current season.

     For U11 thru U14 teams - may have up to 4 changes for the current season.

     For U15 thru U19 teams - may have up to 6 changes for the current season.

Adding, dual rostering or changing the status of a player (ie Primary to Secondary) counts as a CHANGE to a roster.

A drop is not counted as a change.

A player can be rostered on a maximum of 2 teams in KCML at any one time.

A player cannot play on a team that is in a division BELOW their PRIMARY ROSTERED team. (ie A player whose primary team is in the B1 division cannot play in a B2 or lower division.)

A player that is primary rostered on a team older than their actual age, may only dual roster on a team in the highest division at their actual age.
A player primary rostered at their actual age may dual roster to an older team at any division level (a U12-B1 primary player can dual roster  secondary on a U13-B2, or lower, team)

Teams are limited to the number of dual rostered players who are carded to another team in the same playing division (e.g. U11 Coed-A1 is a playing division, not U11 Coed). U12 and below = maximum of 2 dual rostered  players playing in same division. U13 and above = maximum of 3 dual rostered players playing in same division.  When two teams play each other in the same division with a common dual carded player(s), the player(s) must play for their primary carded team.

Your current roster and the lineup card you submit before each game must match. Teams using players that are not on their roster are subject to forfeiture of games and sanctioning of the coach.

1. All participants must have the correct player/coach pass. 
2. Passes are required at each game starting with the 1st game of the session. 
3. A recent wallet sized photo must be attached. After pass has photo attached they must be laminated. 
4. Any player not having the required pass and/or completed correctly, will be excluded from play until the problem is corrected. 
5. Passes are to be checked before the start of each game. If not available at the start of the game, that team has until the end of the game to provide them or forfeit the game. If passes must be checked at the end of the game, all players appearing on the line up card for that game, whether they played or not, are to remain. If they do not, the game will be a forfeit by the KC Metro League scheduler. 
6. Referees are not to retain passes. Once checked in they will be returned to the coach.
7. If a red card is issued, the pass still remains with the coach. The suspension is to be noted on the game card by the players name and in the NOTES area. 


CANCELLATIONS: see also “Weather Cancellations” 
1. The hosting Club is responsible for rescheduling games, not the KC Metro League. 
2. If due to weather a game is suspended in the first half, it shall be replayed from the start. If the game is suspended after the end of the first half, it shall be recorded as a completed game. 
3. The program is not responsible for any fees associated with games suspended due to weather.

1. Players must all have numbered jerseys of a like color and style. Jersey numbers for each member of a team must be different. 
2. In the recreational and developmental (B & C) levels, the shorts and socks do not have to match. 
3. In the competitive level (A), players must be dressed alike. 
4. Goalies must wear a color that distinguishes them from the rest of the players and referees. 
5. No players at any level will be penalized or prevented from playing for slight color differences, extra stripes on shorts, etc. 
8. Shin guards are required and must be covered entirely by the socks. 
9. Goalies may wear baseball caps. 
10. Players are allowed to wear gloves and stocking hats on those days when the weather would require them. 
11. Full length jogging pants, sweatshirts or jackets may be worn on days the weather require them. Jogging pants should be worn over the shorts. Sweatshirts or jackets must be under the jersey so the number is visible. 
12. Sliding pants must be above the top of the knee. Color is of no bearing. 
13. Cast, knee braces, anything except shin guards made of rigid material must be covered with at least ½ inch of padding and must be approved by the center referee. All edges must be completely covered so they do not show. 
14. Players must have shirts tucked in at the beginning of each quarter or half. Referees are to remind players if they do not. If a player refuses to tuck in the shirt as instructed they will be cautioned (carded) for dissent. 
15. Should a player be sent off the field to correct, get, or change any part of their uniform, equipment, etc., they shall not be allowed back onto the field until approved by the referee. 
16. Play will not be stopped for the uniform/equipment changes or corrections to be made. Player may re-enter the game on the next substitution opportunity. No substitution will be allowed for this infraction. 
17. Though pennies are normally available at KC Metro League locations, it is still advisable to have an alternate shirt in case of color conflicts. 
18. Home team is responsible for color change. 
19. Foam goalie helmets are optional.

FORFEITS: see also “Schedules” 
1. Forfeits are subject to review by the program board. 
2. Forfeited games will not be rescheduled unless the forfeiting team prepays all fees due for the game to be rescheduled and the team that received the win wishes to replay.
3. Games are not forfeits if found there was a scheduling error. The game will be rescheduled with the member Club causing the error being responsible fees for the rescheduled game.
4. Reschedule Request form is to be filled out and submitted to reschedule a game after the schedule is posted.
5. Teams have ten (10) minutes past game time to properly man the field before a forfeit will be called. A forfeit will be recorded as a 0-3 loss to the forfeiting team.
6. In the event that neither team is able to field the minimum number of players, then the record will show a cancelled game with no results for either team.
7. The referee, at his/her discretion, may terminate a game under the following conditions: a) A team leaves the field during play without the approval of the referee.  b) A team is sent from the field by the referee for frequent and/or violent misconduct. c) Extreme sideline area misconduct (by player, coach or spectators) that causes interruption of play. d) Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs by coaches, players, parents or spectators. Only the KC Metro League Board has the authority to declare a winner, a forfeit, or a replay of the match in its entirety. The referee must report fully on the events to their next higher authority.
8. Failure of a coach/team official to remain out of sight, out of sound after being sent off or receiving a Red Card may result in a forfeit.
9. If the coach/team official receives a Red Card and is required to leave and there is no other carded adult able to supervise the team, the game will result in an automatic forfeit.


1. PHYSICAL VIOLENCE, FOUL AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, OR HARASSMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Such conduct will be reported even in situations where cards were not issued. Any incident of a player or coach issued a Red Card for physical violence, assault, or abuse directed against a referee or assistant referee will be subject to an automatic review by the KCML Disciplinary Committee. The use of noise making or amplifying devises is PROHIBITED. Carded team officials are prohibited from smoking on the sidelines during a scheduled KCML game.
2. The referee(s) are in complete charge of the field and adjacent areas from the time they arrive at the game site until they depart. The referee(s) is empowered to:
a. Rule on what equipment or accessories are considered dangerous;
b. Issue Yellow or Red cards during that entire period;
c. Terminate a game for coach, players, or spectator misconduct.
d. Refuse to allow the game to be played if, in the referee’s judgment, the field is unplayable.

1. For safety reasons, any injured players, excluding the goalie, that causes the game to be stopped due to injury, must be removed from the game but may re-enter on the next substitution opportunity. 
2. A 1-for-1 substitution will be allowed on injuries meaning both teams may sub one (1) player. 
3. If blood is present on the player, jersey, or any clothing worn by the participant, the blood must be removed. The participant may replace that article of clothing in order to re-enter the game. Clothing substitutes do not have to match the uniform but should distinguish them from the other team. Again, pennies are normally available at most fields. 
4. Open injuries/wounds must be covered to the referees satisfaction. Blood must not be showing.

1. KC Metro League will provide peel-n-stick line up cards to all teams. 
2. Line up cards are to be completed as instructed at the top of each card. Players should be listed in shirt (jersey) number order with the full first and last name of each.
3. The team name, team number and coach’s name must be the same as shown on the game schedule for that session. 
4. KC Metro League will provide the game cards.

1. There is no off-side in the U6 or U7/8 playing levels.
2. In the U6 and U7/8 leagues, all free kicks shall be indirect.
3. All teams in the U7/8 level will play 4v4 NO goalkeeper. 
4. Goalies are not allowed in the U6, 7 and 8 age level. 
5. U7/8 teams goal kicks will be allowed anywhere inside the goal area.  
6. U6 & U7/8 will have no throw-ins, a ball leaving play on either touchline will be restarted outside the touchline with a kick in from the spot the ball crossed.
7. The home team is responsible for changing jersey in case of color duplication. The home team is the first one listed on the schedule.
8. The referee has the authority to caution or eject a coach.
9. Teams will not be allowed to warm-up inside the penalty area. Warming up in the penalty area may result in a YELLOW CARD to the coach.
10. No pets are allowed at any KC Metro League venue.

11.  Because of concerns for the safety of younger players, beyond the limitations of the laws of the game, the "League" does not allow players ages U-11 and below (also U11/12 combined brackets) to be allowed to head the ball during games. Heading the ball is defined as a player using or attempting to use his/her own head to play the ball. Should a referee or assistant referee see a player head the ball, the referee must stop play, inform the player they may not head the ball, and restart with an indirect free kick to the opposing team from where the player headed or attempted to head the ball .If the location is inside the goal area, the restart should be moved to the 6 yard line at a point nearest to where the player headed or attempted to head the ball. This does not apply to a player being struck in the head by a ball he/she didn't intend to play in that manner. While referees might stop play in this circumstance to evaluate potential injury, should the player show any of the signs referees watch for that might indicate a serious injury, per the laws of the game that restart would be a dropped ball. Referees must understand that heading the ball is NOT a violation of the laws of the game, so no criteria associated with fouls or infractions of the laws, should be applied to this violation of league safety requirements except those mentioned above. Referees must use common sense. For instance, should a player head the ball away from the goal, even though by definition this might meet the criteria for denying a goal scoring opportunity, that should not be applied in this circumstance. Likewise, players who are guilty of heading the ball should never be issued a caution or sending off. The referee should rather focus on helping the players understand that the league does not allow heading until they are older because it is unsafe.
1. Individual age level playing rules are listed on separate sheets. These are available separately.
2. Field markings will conform to modified youth soccer guidelines. 
3. All teams U12 and younger, must be playing small-sided games.
4. All referees are USSF licensed. For all Small Sided games, the number of referees is determined by the Home league. For all other play, games will be assigned a three man system. In case a referee doesn’t show, the center referee will use club linesmen.
5. There shall be a five (5) minute half time between the 1st and 2nd half. 
6. Length of games may be shortened to accommodate weather or light conditions. This should be done equally for each quarter or half and declared before the start of the game. 
7. Mercy Rule: If in the 2nd half one team is ahead of the other by ten (10) or more points, the referee is to ask the losing team if they want the game stopped thus awarding the win to the other team. See also “Suspension of Game”
REFEREES: see also “Playing Requirements” 
1. Shall abide by the guidelines set by this program for games played within this program. 
2. Are responsible for checking passes before the start of each game. 
3. Shall note any problems with passes (ie: didn’t have, missing, not complete, etc.) on their portion of the game card. 
4. Unless otherwise approved by the KC Metro League board, all referees including lines, are to be older than the age league that is playing. 
1. Once the master schedule has been posted, each member Club is responsible for any rescheduling or conflicts that arise. 
2. Member Clubs are responsible for any errors pertaining to their teams before and after the master schedule is issued.
3. Games will be scheduled Monday through Sunday with emphasis on the weekends. 
4. Every effort will be made for U19 games to be played on Sunday but cannot be guaranteed. 
5. Games will be scheduled on any date between the dates set by KC Metro League that the member Club has available and a team did not request off. 
6. Teams need to be aware that games, especially make up games, can and will be scheduled up to the last date set for the session. 
7. Teams refusing to reschedule on a date the host Club has available and the team did not request off, due to the team making other commitments, need be aware that the host Club does not have to accommodate them. The game does not have to be rescheduled and the team will receive a forfeit.
8. For rainout games - the home Club may re-schedule the game on any date where there is not a blackout for either team. 
SCHEDULING REQUESTS: see also “Conflicts” and “Schedules” 
1. Teams needing special scheduling requests need to report these to their member Club scheduler or representative who in turn is to report it to the KC Metro League by the date set for that session. 
2. KC Metro League can only accommodate “reasonable” requests that are turned in on time. The maximum number of blackout days allowed is 6 per team. 
3. After the schedule is posted, a RESCHEDULE REQUEST FORM must be used to reschedule games. The rescheduling process MUST BE COMPLETED BY NOON MONDAY of the week before the originally scheduled game.
4. Coaches with multiple teams are to inform their member Club scheduler so they can insure that enough time is allowed between games. For scheduling purposes, an individual can be listed as HEAD COACH on a maximum of 3 teams.
5. No team may request “no weeknight games” unless that team has a traveling time of one (1) hour or more. 
6. Teams that are boys (co-ed) must play in the boys league and teams that are all girls must play in the girls league.
7. Scheduling conflict requests for teams with dual rostered players will not be accepted. 

1. A team’s standings in its division will be determined by the number of points it receives based on its win/loss record during the season. Points will be awarded as follows:
a. Three (3) points for a Win 
b. One (1) point for a Tie
c. Zero (0) points for a Loss
2. In the case of a tie at the end of the regularly scheduled season, final standings will be determined on the basis of the following tie-breaker sequence: 
a. Head to Head
b. Most Wins 
c. Fewest goals allowed
d. Most goals scored
e. Coin toss
3. Each member Club will be responsible for awards for their teams. Contact your HOME Club for more information.
4. If a team withdraws from KCML during the season of play, all scores and point records for or in connection with that team shall be nullified and all games played or scheduled to be played shall be recorded as a 0-3 loss for the opposing team.
5. If a team forfeits more than two (2) games during the KCML season of play, that team will be considered to have withdrawn from the league.

START of PLAY: see also “Equipment” and “Referees” 
1. The minimum number of players along with player passes and completed line up card are required before the start of the game. 
Every team MUST have a currently carded ADULT (does not need to be carded to that team) on the sideline before and during the game.
2. If passes are not available at the start of the game, the team has until the end of the game to provide them. 
3. Referees will attempt to check teams in fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the game. 
4. Players not able to be checked before the start of the game, may not enter the game until they have been properly checked in by one of the referees involved with that game. 
5. Games will not be stopped to check players in. 
6. All players must remain until the referee has checked all passes. 
7. Required line up cards are to be completed as explained at the top of the card. 
8. Team number is the number showing on the schedule for that session.
9. The home team is the first one listed on the schedule. There will be a designated team area and only players and coaches with a proper ID card will be allowed ON TEAM SIDELINE. The coach is responsible for this action.


For U12 and below games, substitutions will be allowed, for either team, anytime ball is out of bounds and with the permission of the Referee.
For U13 and above games, substitutions shall be unlimited with the prior consent of the referee at the following times: 1. Prior to a throw-in when the ball is in possession of the team substituting, or both teams may
substitute players if the team not in possession of the throw- has their substitutes at the mid-field line ready to substitute. 2. Goal-kick - Either team. 3. After a goal has been scored and prior to the succeeding
kick-off - Either team. 4. During the half-time interval. 5. Injury. If an injured player is substituted, the opposing team may substitute one-for-one. 6. For a cautioned (Yellow Card) player at the time the caution is issued. 

1. Games may only be stopped by a referee, head referee or member Club official associated with the member Club hosting the game. 
2. The referee is to note this information on the game card at the time of the stoppage. 
3. Mercy Rule: If in the 2nd half one team is ahead of the other by ten (10) or more points, the referee is to ask the losing team if they want the game stopped thus awarding the win to the other team. See also “Playing Requirements”. 
1. Ejections are to be served immediately and apply to the next game played for the team that the ejected person played for when they received the suspension. The suspension does not apply to other teams the ejected person may participate with. 
2. Ejected person must leave the playing field (OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF SOUND) area IMMEDIATELY or CAUSE their team to forfeit. If a coach, after receiving a red card, refuses to leave the premises (out of sight, out of sound) after a reasonable amount of time (not more than 5 minutes) they will not only sit out their next game but also will sit out  2 additional games (for a total of a 3 game suspension) 
3. Each member Club is to report ejections to the KC Metro League.
4. The member Club of the ejected person, the host member Club of that teams next game, and the KC Metro League communications referee are responsible for making sure the suspensions are upheld. 
5. If the next game the suspension applied to is canceled, the suspension carries over to the next scheduled game. 
6. If a suspended players name appears on the line up card, it must be marked out before the team is checked in and the game begins. If not, it will be assumed the suspended player participated which will result in a forfeit being declared. 
7. Any suspended person participating in a game will receive an additional suspension of at least one (1) game. Additional penalties may be imposed. 
8. Any coach playing a suspended player will receive a suspension of at least one (1) game. Additional penalties may be imposed. 
9. Any suspended coach, manager, trainer, or assistant participating in a game will receive an additional suspension of at least one (1) game. Additional penalties may be imposed. 
10. A person receiving 2 red cards for fighting or serious foul play in a session shall be ejected from KC Metro League for the rest of that session. This suspension does not carry over to the next session. 
1. A maximum of three (3) coaches/managers licensed and registered will be allowed on or in the players area of the sideline during the game. 
2. Teams are limited to the number of dual rostered players who are carded to another team in the same playing division (e.g. U11 Coed-A1 is a playing division, not U11 Coed). U12 and below = maximum of 2 dual rostered players playing in same division. U13 and above = maximum of 3 dual rostered players playing in same division.  When two teams play each other in the same division with a common dual carded player(s), the player(s) must play for their primary carded team.
3. Divisions are based on skill level of teams. "A" is strongest division. "B" is mid level division. Divisions may be sub divided depending on number and strength of teams (ie - B1, B2). "C" division is restricted to teams that are carded "RECREATIONAL".   
4. Teams are bracketed each session according to their standings from the previous session, known strength, or per teams request if it’s reasonable. Depending on strength and number of teams, all divisions will be single age where possible. Promotion and Relegation of teams will take place at the end of each season. Teams are transferred between divisions based on their performance that season. At a minimum, the first place team in each division will be promoted to the next-highest division in their age league, and the last place team in each division will be relegated to a lower division. At the discretion of the KCML Board, more than one team may be promoted or relegated. 
5. Guest players are not allowed.
6.  To allow the opportunity to play for U15 players not able to play on High School teams, the league will have a U14/15 League (Boys in the Fall, Girls in the Spring). Any player that is on their high school team in the fall cannot play in a KCML game for the fall season. And any player on their high school team in the spring cannot play in a KCML spring season game.
7.  Scheduling conflicts will be avoided for coaches who coach 3 or less teams. A coach can be listed as the HEAD COACH on a maximum of 3 teams.  
1. Coaches are responsible for calling the rain out number of the host member Club their game is scheduled to be played at that day. 
2. If no message or not updated, then assume the games are still being played. 
3. Listen to the complete message. At times, depending on conditions, only certain games may be canceled.